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Chartering a yacht on vacation – what you should definitely pay attention to

A nice, relaxed yacht trip is always an unforgettable experience that creates great memories long after the vacation. It doesn't matter whether you are interested in the coast and want to explore it, prefer to float comfortably on the water or want to sail to remote islands. Chartering a yacht gives you exactly the freedom and flexibility you need to fully enjoy the beauty of the sea and nature.

Would you like to spend a pleasant, carefree and really relaxing day on the beautiful sea with family and friends? Then you should definitely consider a few important factors if you want to charter a yacht and are looking for the right model.

The following tips will help you make the right decision and find exactly the yacht that will fulfill your dream of a wonderful day on a great yacht for yourself and of course your family and friends.

Number of people / size of yacht

The size of the yacht is a very important factor. There must be enough space for everyone who wants to spend the day with you. Usually the description of the yacht includes the number of people who can go on board. Of course, the more people take part in the excursion, the better the atmosphere on board. However, you should make sure that everyone has a place to sit and, ideally, an opportunity to stretch their legs every now and then. If the tour with the yacht is to last several days, you should also make sure that there are enough sleeping accommodations available.

Participating children

What child doesn't dream of a day on a beautiful yacht? For most people, something like this is a real highlight that they will tell their friends about for months. If children take part in the excursion, care must be taken to ensure that the yacht is safe for children . Take a close look at the models and pay attention to whether there is a higher side wall. An edge at the back of the bow is also recommended. Although a yacht is not a ballroom, you will not be able to keep an eye on your children all the time.

A small, unsupervised second is enough for the children to leave the boat unnoticed. The edge prevents this. When deciding on the right yacht, the crew also plays an important role if children are traveling with you. A well-trained crew gives you a little more security because they also act as supervisors and always keep an eye on the children.

Shadows on the yacht

Sun, water, vacation, what more could you want? This is the absolutely perfect combination. Despite all the joy about it, you shouldn't forget that the combination of sun and water can also be treacherous. This is especially true if you plan to spend the whole day on the yacht. The risk of getting sunburned is very high. The reasons are several.

It is known that water has the same effect as a mirror. When the yacht is sailing, there is always a cool breeze blowing around you. This means you hardly feel the heat, which is clearly there. In addition, there are far fewer dust particles in the air on water than there are on land. However, the dust particles have the property of blocking UV rays. But since there are fewer of them on the water, the UV rays penetrate almost unhindered. All of these factors can lead to not only you getting sunburned, but also everyone else. In the worst case, heat stroke can even occur.

A very good reason to make sure there is enough shade when you charter a yacht . Of course, it's clear that you want to have as much of the beautiful sun as possible when you're already at sea, but you should still be careful. This is especially true if you have children with you.

There are many yachts that only have small roofs. Many models do not have a fixed roof at all. However, this does not mean that they are not suitable for the trip, as they can still provide sufficient shade. There is a magic word for it and it is: Bimini Tops . This name refers to sun canopies that make it possible to provide shade within a very short space of time . Bimini tops can be attached in no time and then provide very effective protection against UV rays. If there is already a roof, it can easily be expanded using Bimini Tops. When chartering a yacht , always pay attention to the options the models offer to provide shaded areas.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption also plays a big role when you charter a yacht . You should always pay attention to whether fuel is already included in the rental price. However, this is not the case with most yachts. Take a close look at how many liters of fuel the yacht uses per hour, otherwise there could quickly be a nasty surprise at the end of the tour.

Here's an example:

You like a yacht that uses 100 liters of fuel per hour. If you are traveling with this yacht and take a tour with two engine hours, it consumes 200 liters of fuel. Multiply this number by the current fuel price and you know how much the fuel for the tour will cost you. As we know, the price of fuel always fluctuates, so let's assume it is 2 euros per liter. This means that the fuel costs are 400 euros. If you want to charter a yacht where the rental price does not include fuel, you must add the price to the actual rental price. Keep in mind that the larger a yacht is, the more fuel it usually uses. In principle, fuel is always paid for at the end of the day. To avoid unpleasant surprises, always estimate what the fuel costs will ultimately be.

Draft of the yacht

Why should you pay attention to the draft of the yacht? Quite simply, the shallower the draft, the closer the yacht can go to the bays and the clearer the water. What does that mean to you? You don't have to swim into the bay from the yacht, you can really enjoy the clear water right away. Some yachts are able to sail within 70 centimeters of the bay. A good example of this is our Hailey Su . This yacht allows you to stand next to the yacht and easily go to the beach from there.

Equipment and food

A trip on a yacht in bright sunshine makes you thirsty. When chartering the yacht, make sure that it has a minibar that is always well stocked. This is always the case with our yachts . You will always find enough soft drinks in the minibar, and of course there are also a few alcoholic drinks available. And now comes the best part: you don't have to pay extra for the drinks, they're already included in the price.

Things such as towels should also be available. This is also a matter of course for us. We even go one step further and keep a good sunscreen on hand. Our trained crew will take care of everything throughout the day to ensure you have the unforgettable experience you have been dreaming of for so long. Oh by the way, our crew also speaks English.

Water toys

If you think toys are only for children, you haven't gotten to know our water toys yet. Of course, this isn't about swimming rings and rubber duckies, quite the opposite. The key word is: Seabob . A Seabob is a diving scooter with an electric drive . This not only allows you to glide over the sea, but also to dive really deep. Great fun for adults and of course for the children too. Many parents are unable to get their children out of the water when provided with a Seabob . Water toys are definitely an enrichment for your yachting experience. When chartering the yacht, pay attention to whether additional rental of water toys such as the Seabob is offered. This will round off the unforgettable experience and you will hear how young and old are raving about it long after your holiday.

Charter a yacht – no problem

There's something about spending your vacation on the beach. But a day on a wonderful yacht on the sea would be the crowning glory of your vacation. Do you think there is anything more beautiful? Exactly, there isn't! With the right preparation, it will be easy for you to find the right yacht . Take the above aspects to heart and consider them when chartering your yacht. Then it won't be a problem for you to find exactly the right yacht for your day at sea. Enjoy the incredible freedom that the sea offers you. Unforgettable adventures and memories on the water await you!

Yacht Charter – the best yachts for your trip on the sea

Your decision is made: you want to charter a yacht and explore all the beauty that Ibiza has to offer. However, you don't feel like spending hours looking for the right yacht. Could it be easier? Of course, charter a Haller Experiences yacht!

Individualized yacht charters are our specialty. Rent one of our yachts for a day trip or spend a whole week on it. Discover our beautiful, large Frauscher boats that invite you to relax. Or choose one of our many other yachts that perfectly suits your wishes and requirements.

All of our yachts are well equipped. Our professional crews are experts at making your trip an unforgettable adventure . Would you rather explore the sights of Ibiza or is island hopping more your thing? That doesn't really matter, with our yachts your trip will always be an absolutely unforgettable experience.

When booking your yacht charter, you should definitely take into account the size of the group that will be embarking on this adventure with you. The available budget and your personal interests should also be taken into account when deciding on a yacht.

Visit multiple islands on a multi-day tour or sunbathe on picturesque beaches. If you feel like partying, just immerse yourself in the special nightlife of Ibiza . Day trips are also very interesting. Enjoy the sea during the day, relax in the sun and let the yacht take you to the most beautiful places.

Do you have any questions about our yachts or can't decide at all? Just contact us , we will be happy to help you make the right choice and make your vacation something very special.