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The World's Most Innovative Electric Hydrofoils.

Surf & Fly over water. Fast. Quiet. Emission-free.

Our unique propulsion system, which is completely integrated into the hull, sets new standards.

We brought together design experts from Audi and our aircraft manufacturing expertise to build the most advanced and safest e-foil on the market.

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Maximum performance. Optimally arranged and powerful. The 80cm long mast can be fully utilized to fly better over rough seas and make steeper turns. It also offers enough reserves to surf the big waves.

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With technology into an electrifying future.

Experience nature sustainably and consciously. Far from crowded places, in tune with the elements on your personal seaplane. The gearless drive system is particularly robust and noise-optimized. Experience one of the most exciting technologies of the 22nd century.

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Surfing The Waves

You're gonna fly

ANNA GASSERLearn to fly
ANNA GASSERLearn to fly

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