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AirFly by AUDI Aerofoils - PRE Order

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The Audi e-tron Foil is the benchmark when it comes to safety and performance.
With a battery life of up to 2 hours, a top speed of 50 km/h and a fully shielded, high-efficiency fan, you'll literally fly over the water.

Our ultra-slim drive system ensures minimal resistance and maximum fun. The electric drive is completely integrated into the fuselage of the hydrofoil and drives the wing directly. This provides more stability and the ability to make tighter turns. Particularly safe because the rotating parts cannot be touched.

We have consistently developed our drivetrain without a gearbox. Our direct electric drive is particularly robust and low-maintenance. The impeller and nozzle can be changed by the driver himself.

remote control
Smart features help you trim your style and control your speed. Choose your level to adjust the settings to your personal abilities and review all data on the sharpest, highest resolution color display on the market.

battery pack
Our high-performance cells ensure a long range (up to 40 km) with low weight. At the heart of our E-Foil, the self-monitoring battery is not only passively integrated into the system, but intelligently connected to it. We use the data to perfectly tune the system and detect problems before they occur. With its additional radio module, you will never lose connection.

Technical data
Adventure board:

Volume: 103l
Weight: 9.5kg
Size of board alone: ​​1.76 x 0.81 x 0.22m
Pack size with pockets: 1.83 x 0.79 x 0.22m

Shaft power: 4.5 kW
Usable length of the mast: 80cm
Weight: 7.7kg
Packaging size with bags: 1.05 x 0.81 x 0.22m

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Your Airy Durable Companion.

AIRFLY - das stylischste aufblasbare Efoil, das innovatives Design mit erstklassiger Technik verbindet. Gefertigt im kultigen Aerofoils x Audi Board Shape, definiert es die Standards neu.

Unique Stabilization. Uncompromised ride dynamics.

Genießen Sie die Fahrt, erkunden Sie die Umgebung, und unser Anti-Breach-System sorgt für ihre Sicherheit.

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