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Experience the magic of Ibiza in autumn

Ibiza - the sunny island in the Mediterranean, famous for its stunning beaches, world-class clubs and vibrant party scene. During the summer months it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world looking for an unforgettable experience. But did you know that Ibiza also develops its own charm in September and October, during the so-called “closing” season? The closing season is practically the end of summer, meaning the island says goodbye to the main season. What this means for you is that you can get to know the island from a completely new side. We'll tell you why autumn is the perfect time to explore the island and why you shouldn't miss the closing season.

Cheaper prices and fewer holidaymakers

During the high season in summer, a lot of people spend their holidays in Ibiza, so there can often be long queues. Prices are also often higher in high season. In September and October, however, a pleasant calm returns to the island. Prices for accommodation, restaurants and activities drop, and you can get to know and enjoy the island in a relaxed atmosphere without being overwhelmed by too many holidaymakers. The beaches are not overcrowded, there is enough space for every visitor, so you can fully enjoy the beauty of the bays and the azure water.

Exciting events in the clubs

Ibiza is known worldwide for its legendary clubs and the exciting parties that take place there. However, closing season does not mean that the partying and celebrations are over, quite the opposite! Most clubs say goodbye with spectacular events and impressive line-ups. The closing parties are a unique opportunity to experience the island nights to the fullest at the end of the season, while top international DJs rock the stages. From electronic music to hip-hop and pop, there is something for every taste. The closing parties usually take place from mid-September to mid-October.

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Perfect water temperature for water sports activities

When the sun beats down on the island in midsummer, temperatures can be quite high. Not everyone finds these temperatures pleasant and the water is often very warm. Things look a little different in September and October. The water temperature in the Mediterranean remains pleasantly warm at this time, ideal for water sports activities such as snorkeling, diving, jet skiing and of course sailing and boating. If you have always dreamed of a yacht charter in Ibiza , closing season is the perfect opportunity to make your dreams come true. Discover hidden bays, secluded beaches and experience the crystal clear water in a very special way.

Mild weather and fantastic sunsets

Ibiza doesn't just mean partying, the island also has a lot to offer. However, the often very hot weather in summer prevents many holidaymakers from seeing the island's sights. The autumn weather in Ibiza, on the other hand, is mild and pleasant, perfect for exploring the island on foot or by bike. The high temperatures of summer subside, making sightseeing even more pleasant. In addition, the sunsets at this time of year are simply magical and create a romantic atmosphere that you can enjoy with your loved ones or alone.

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Get to know the real Ibiza better

A holiday on the island of Ibiza in September or October offers another big advantage: during the closing season you have the opportunity to experience authentic Ibiza. The locals can take more time to chat with you and you can discover local markets, traditional festivals and cozy restaurants that might not be on the agenda in high season. You can feel the real lifestyle of the island and gain a deeper insight into the culture and history of Ibiza.

See the island of Ibiza from its other side

For many, Ibiza is the epitome of summer, sun and party. But the closing season on the island also has its own special charms. It is practically a time of change and discovery. The island shows a quieter and more authentic side, while at the same time attracting exciting events and unforgettable experiences. So, why not take advantage of this unique time of year and visit Ibiza in September and October? No matter whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation or partying - the island has something to offer for everyone.

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Yacht charter in autumn – a unique experience

Yacht charter in autumn – you might be wondering whether this is a good idea. We can assure you that this is a great idea. The heat is subsiding, the air is very pleasant and the water temperatures are still ideal for bathing and swimming. Autumn is exactly the right time to spend one or more days on a yacht and explore the beauties of the island. We look forward to welcoming you on one of our yachts during your autumn adventure in Ibiza. Let's discover the beauty of this magical island together!