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Pershing 7X - Lightspeed

Ok ok... one thing first, I'm a Pershing fan... No, a Pershing really doesn't suit everyone and I don't think there is a Pershing owner who got his yacht by chance.

I try to remain as neutral as possible in my article, you will certainly see my personal opinion on the ship.

The Pershing concept

The Pershing 7X represents the best of Pershing in a compact and flawless form. This model redefines lightness, sets standards in terms of speed and shows performance that impresses down to the smallest detail. It is a perfect blend of Pershing's latest technology and Fulvio De Simoni's striking design.

This yacht brings a fresh perspective to the world of yacht building by combining advanced engineering with an aesthetic design that is both trend-conscious and functional. The 7X is not just a ship, but a lifestyle and style that combines speed and efficiency in a way that sets her apart from other yachts.

The design is not only popular with the younger generation, but also with connoisseurs and lovers of seafaring. The Pershing 7X represents a new era in the yachting industry where design, technology and performance blend harmoniously to deliver an exceptional seafaring experience.

Long story short, what makes the Pershing 7X so special:

Speed ​​of 50 knots - The boat is powered by two MAN V12 engines, each producing 1800 hp. With the innovative Dynamic Positioning System, the Pershing 7X can maintain its position even in strong winds or currents.

Pershing 7X Source Pershing Yachts

Technical data

MAN V12 1800
3 cabins + 1 crew
Length over everything 21.11 [m] - 69 ft 3 in
LH 20.27 [m] - 66 ft 6 in
KWL 16.13 [m] - 52 ft 11 in
Max. width 5.35 [m] - 17 ft 7 in
Depth 1.52 [m] - 5 ft 0 in
Displacement unloaded 35,000 [kg] - 77,162 [lbs]
Displacement loaded 42,000 [kg] - 92,594 [lbs]
fuel 3,600 [l] - 951 [US gal]
Water 800 [l] - 211 [US gal]
material Carbon fiber
people on board 16
engine MAN V12 1800
Engine performance 1800s
drive Surface Drives
Max. speed 50 [kn]
Cruising speed 42 [kn]
Range at cruising speed 300 [nm]
Cabins 3
Crew cabins 1 H
bathroom 3
Bathroom in the team area 1


(As of January 2024 ) Elegance and performance on a yacht, convincing technical data, let's talk about money...

€ 3,100,000 is the base net list price of the Pershing 7X, which ensures performance and elegance, but for the “Pershing feeling” of luxury and comfort, you should know the list of accessories:

Air conditioning “Tropical” 90,000 btu/h upgrade €27,800.00
Antifouling (1 primer coat + 2 black antifouling roll coats) €11,350.00
Cockpit table with electrical movement €10,250.00
Generator Nanni Diesel 19.7kW 50Hz upgrade and generator battery charger €16,300.00
Grill plate in cockpit 220V €3,300.00
Ice maker 220V with independent tank €3,300.00
Inverter 2000W/220V/24V €4,100.00
Easy Power package €25,500.00
Sunshade awning with poles on aft area €16,300.00
Sunshade awning with poles on bow area €16,300.00
Teak side decks and bow €20,850.00
Underwater lights - Lumishore white (2 couples) €9,100.00
Underwater lights - Lumishore white (couple) €5,450.00
Watermaker 130 lt/h Idromar with remote control on dashboard €18,200.00
4G system connection €5,100.00
Dynamic positioning system for surface drives €24,600.00
Easy dock system (joystick) €34,850.00
Full Simrad navigation system €19,950.00
Gyro stabilizers €125,500.00
Painting of hull and superstructure in Anniversary Silver €190,000.00
Star thruster €20,200.00

Realistically, I would estimate that the average net list price for Pershing customers is configured at around €3.6 million to €4 million.

Sun deck

Main deck

Under deck

Below deck (option)

Price list, test drive, charter



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