Models & Equipment

Models & Equipment

Find out more about the model differences and unique SEABOB equipment



E-Jet Power System
Power up to 2,5 kW 4,0 kW 4,5 kW
Maximum thrust up to 480 N 680 N 745 N
Power corridors 4 6 7
Speed on water up to 14 km/h 20 km/h 22 km/h
Speed under water up to 13 km/h 18 km/h 20 km/h


Operating time ∅ 50 min ∅ 60 min ∅ 70 min
Charging time
Standard charge ∅ 8 h ∅ 7 h ∅ 7 h
Fast charge (Mains voltage 230 V) ∅ 1,5 h ∅ 1,5 h ∅ 1,5 h

Dimensions and weight

Maße (L x B x H in mm) 1.152 x 507 x 372 1.152 x 507 x 372 1.152 x 543 x 372
Weight ca. 29 kg ca. 34 kg ca. 34 kg
Buoyancy in water 14 kg 10 kg 10 kg

Diving depth

2,5 m (Safety shutdown)
max. 40 m adjustable via control electronics

Model differences and unique SEABOB equipment

Make your choice

The colors

Basic colors and special colors.

The basic colors of the SEABOB have a stable surface. They are protected against heavy use by a special surface technology. Make your choice and give your SEABOB a stable surface with these basic colors.

In addition, with the Special Colors we offer an exclusive selection of special colors that are applied as a complex processed multi-layer paint system. These high-gloss colors give every SEABOB a powerful, sporty overall look.

Other additional colors are available on request.

Bright Color & Bicolor Design.

The Lumex Bright Colors are high-gloss surfaces in intense luminous colors. They give the SEABOB even more attention. Good looks for more security. These colors provide optical protection when cruising fast through the water and when surfacing suddenly from the depths.

With the high-gloss surfaces, bicolor and big label design, the SEABOB has a particularly attractive appearance.

All high-gloss finished color surfaces are made from high-quality multi-layer paint systems in complex manual work. They give your SEABOB a special expressiveness. These color effects give your SEABOB a unique and sporty character.

Special detail

Chrome Package

The Chrome Package sets a striking accent: display console and rear in matt chrome design, rear ring with a high-gloss chrome finish.

Black Package: rear, display console and display ring in black matt design.

Capture unique experiences


On request, the SEABOB can be equipped with built-in camera technology. Two camera systems are thus integrated in the SEABOB. A full HD camera as a recording system in the bow of the watercraft. This camera films and saves everything that is experienced and discovered in the fascinating underwater world at the push of a button. Another Full HD camera is located in the information display. This camera is a built-in action selfie cam and is activated by simply pressing a sensor. It saves all recordings of the pilot driving the SEABOB. When the recording technology is switched on, the SEABOB information display takes over the monitor function. All camera recordings can be professionally checked here. All recordings are stored in the SEABOB's on-board system and can then be transferred directly to any smartphone or other alternative storage media with WLAN technology. With the SEABOB cam system you have the opportunity to share your unique experiences in the fascinating underwater world with other people at any time.

Exclusive and unique in design

Customise your SEABOB

We offer a wide range of fascinating design options with which you can refine your SEABOB. Give it your own signature in the colour and also in the design of the surface.

Design your SEABOB according to your own requirements. Let us know your special wishes. We will check what we can do to make your SEABOB even more fascinating.

Feel extraordinary moments

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