AUDI Aerofoil Remote

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Technische Details
Leistung bis zu 2,5 kW
Maximaler Schub bis zu  480 N
Über Wasser bis zu 14 km/h
Unter Wasser bis zu 13 km/h
Betriebsdauer ca. 50 Minuten
Standard-Ladung  8 Stunden
Schnell-Ladung 1,5 Stunden
Maße und Gewicht 
Maße  1.152 x 507 x 372
Gewicht ca. 29 kg
Auftrieb im Wasser 14 kg
Tauchtiefe 2,5 m (Sicherheitsabschaltung)
The e-tron foil remote control boasts an impressive high-resolution, full-colour display that is visible even in the brightest conditions and provides a large array of
live data for the rider.

Driving Modes:
To deliver the ultimate riding experience for riders of all levels, the remote control software offers three different driving modes, dependent on whether you’re a more experienced rider or are new to e-foiling. In the beginner oriented “Gonna-Fly” mode, the power sensitivity of the trigger is lowered to help less experienced riders get a better feeling for the throttle responsiveness. In “Rocket Ride” the full power of the engine is unleashed, for those riders looking to take their e-foiling experience to new heights with maximum throttle control.

The remote control is linked to the board via two connection points in the board: one in the nose and one in the tail. This means no more annoying reconnection while you ride.

The Throttle:
The spring-loaded throttle has been fine-tuned to provide both a large dynamic  range for riders looking to ride using the trigger as well as for riders who like to use our (virtual) gears.

Riding Modes:
There are two different riding modes drivers can choose from:
(i) virtual gear drive, and (ii) throttle control.
To make the driving experience as user friendly as possible, the e-tron foil remote control allows the driver to ride using 10 incremental virtual gears with more power being released as you progress from the lower to the higher gears. This makes it easier to keep the balance and control the board in the beginning. More experienced riders, or those who prefer it, can use the throttle to play with the power in each of the different virtual gears. This is perfect for, but not limited to, wave riding.

Data Monitoring:
The on-board data monitoring system collects all of your riding data, including your
battery consumption, live GPS speed, efficiency, and flying time. All of your data is
readily available on your remote control with only the push of a button. And don’t
worry, the remote control is fully floatable and has an attachment loop that can be
adjusted to any size for added safety.

Technical data:

Display size: 2,2″
Type of display: Sunlight-Readable High-Brightness Colordisplay
Battery time: 8h 
Charging time: 3h
Weight: 191g


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