AUDI Aerofoil Wing

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Technische Details
Leistung bis zu 2,5 kW
Maximaler Schub bis zu  480 N
Über Wasser bis zu 14 km/h
Unter Wasser bis zu 13 km/h
Betriebsdauer ca. 50 Minuten
Standard-Ladung  8 Stunden
Schnell-Ladung 1,5 Stunden
Maße und Gewicht 
Maße  1.152 x 507 x 372
Gewicht ca. 29 kg
Auftrieb im Wasser 14 kg
Tauchtiefe 2,5 m (Sicherheitsabschaltung)

Freeride 1350 – a medium-aspect wing that favours early take-off and provides a lot of stability while riding when paired with the 400 stabiliser.

Perfect from beginner to intermediated riders.

Our standard wing set that we recommend as an absolute must.Itt will give you very long pleasure and allow you to put also friends and family on the board.

Very efficient high aspect profile. Good for slow speeds to explore nature and riding waves. Very agile, very smooth. A remarkable top speed of 46km/h leaves nothing to be desired with this setup, even for very sporty driving.


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