E Foil Private Lesson 1:1 Coaching
E Foil Private Lesson 1:1 Coaching
E Foil Private Lesson 1:1 Coaching
E Foil Private Lesson 1:1 Coaching
E Foil Private Lesson 1:1 Coaching
E Foil Private Lesson 1:1 Coaching
E Foil Private Lesson 1:1 Coaching
E Foil Private Lesson 1:1 Coaching
E Foil Private Lesson 1:1 Coaching

E Foil Private Lesson 1:1 Coaching

incl. 21% tax / incl. VAT

Try your Self with Instructor - Private lesson
Experience the ultimate moment of silence. You will be flying in no time

  • 1:1 instruction with teacher
  • 1 board
  • 45min
  • Package for Private Lesson
  • Your own rental board
  • Your personal instructor
  • Fully charged battery
  • Comfortable impact vest
  • Safe helmet
  • Cozy Shirt & Towel
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Union Pay
  • Visa

Learn to fly with Haller Experiences

Your e-foil coaching

Personal Instructor

Fully charged boards

Safe Helmet + Cozy Shirt & Towel

Frequently asked questions

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any further questions about our water toys or rental. contact now

What is an eFoil - how does it work?

An eFoil is similar to a surfboard and works by using a motor and battery to lift itself out of the water and glide over the surface – this is called FOILING .
The motor provides the power to lift the eFoil out of the water and maintain a steady pace, while the battery provides the energy to power the motor. The unique shape of the hydrofoil provides lift, helping the eFoil stay aloft and glide over the water.

Scroll down for components description..

Why learn to Foil on an eFoil
  • eFoils are the safest craft to learn to foil
  • There is no boat or ropes to pull you
  • eFoils create no wake or disturb the surface
  • You control the speed
How do I learn to Foil?

The best way to learn is by booking 1:1 or Duo lesson with Instructor. Or Instructors will show you how to fly.We teach on electric hydrofoils eFoils as they are undoubtedly the safest and fastest way to learn to foil.
Our Coach is the most experienced eFoil with more than 10 years in Foiling Sports.

Who can learn to Foil

Almost anyone can learn to foil from 10 to 78 years young.

A minimum level of mobility is required, but no more than regular day-to-day fitness is necessary.
Any mobility restrictions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Can children learn to fly

Minimum age is 8 but we will assess each participant depending on physical ability.

Children 12 to 17 are required to have a parent or guardian present.

Can I Foil while pregnant?

Yes, at your responsibility and after signing our waver.

We suggest contacting your GP to seek guidance.

Is there a weight limit

Usually 120 kg will be the board's top end, assessed individually.

How long are the lessons?

A Private 1:1 lesson is 45 minutes.
A duo lesson is 60 minutes.

We can extend on request

Where are the lessons?

1:1 or Duo lessons are in bay close to Ibiza Towen, depend on the weather conditions we choose the location. The location will be shared with you in the morning of your booking. We are using Whatsapp for a fast communication.

If you want to go out by boat, you can also rent a boat with us and the instructor will spend the full day with you.

What do i need to bring

We provide Helmet and Protection / Flotation vest.
We advise to bring a wet top / wetsuit, specially for the winter months.

We just need an ID from your side

Are lessons weather dependent

Yes, always. Our student safety and comfort is paramount.
We teach on a protected area so the 1:1 Private lesson and Duo lessons and the Group classes are more flexible, but Ocean and Advanced classes are dependent on conditions.

Can my family and friends watch the lesson

Yes. Our lessons are on the water near a grassy area where everyone can come and cheer you on.

Can I getPhotos / Video of the experience

Shure! We always have GoPros with us. Please let us know beforehand, so we can provide you with the photos/videos

E Foil Private Lesson 1:1 Coaching

Check availability now and simply book your appointment online.

Do you still have a question about your e-foil lesson?

Do you have a question, but didn't find what you were looking for in our FAQ? Feel free to ask us your question using the contact form, chat with us on WhatsApp or give us a call. We are glad to help you!