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Lampuga Air

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Experience the freedom of 50 km/h on open water. Just you and your jetboard. Sounds interesting? Up to 50 km/h. Inflatable jet board. designer board. Free from emissions. Red Dot Award. jet board

Its performance, practical design and ease of use make the Lampuga Air the ultimate water toy. The inflatable jetboard offers effortless water fun and is suitable for all riders, regardless of their level of experience. It is quick to set up, easy to transport and requires little storage space.

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Conquer Ibiza with the Lampuga Air

With the Lampuga Air you too will become the king of the waves on Ibiza and Formentera! Made in Germany, the electric surfboard has blossomed into a real eye-catcher on the water and has proven to be the ideal travel companion for fun and games on vacation, on day trips, and wherever there is water. The Lampuga Air is easy to inflate, assemble and disassemble just as quickly, making it easy to transport and store. Whether Ibiza, Formentera or worldwide: the Lampuga Air is your companion for an adrenaline-charged pastime on the water. Innovative and modern electrical engineering ensure maximum driving pleasure with the Lampuga Air. The powerful interaction of lithium-ion battery, electric motor and jet drive provide the Lampuga Air with an output of 14 hp and with a thrust of more than 50kg you can achieve almost unlimited freedom at speeds of up to 50km/h. That's how fast you're allowed to drive in German inner cities! The Lampuga Air is also equipped with a Bluetooth-based handheld remote control and the innovative kill switch ensures your safety on all seas and lakes. With your Lampuga Air you also round off your unique Haller Experience: enjoy the perfect maneuverability of the electric surfboard and experience an unforgettable adventure during your Ibiza vacation.